Youth & Childrens Work

St James has a well attended Sunday school known as 'J-Squad'

There are about 20 children between the ages of 0 and 14 who regularly attend on a Sunday morning. The congregation are used to children appearing in different parts of the building at unexpected moments!

For the very young we have a crèche with a sound proof room. The room has a window and an audio feed of the service if so needed to minimise any feelings of isolation. The J-Squad children attend one of two classes on a Sunday morning. The youngest group caters for pre-school and infant age children (pre-school to Year 2). Next we have a group for the younger juniors (school years 3-4), and then a group for top juniors (years 5-6).

There is also an 11-14 years group on a Sunday morning for the younger senior school children. There is some overlap between the top juniors and the youngest seniors as we allow the children to move on when they feel able and ready. Therefore the top junior group may have some year 7 children, and the 11-14 group may have some year 6 juniors.The 11-14 group is then a stepping stone to the Church's Youth and Young People's activities.

The J-Squad leaders normally make use of Scripture Union material as the basis of each lesson. However, each class is free to use whatever material they feel appropriate for that day. The aim of the J Squad is for the children to meet with Jesus, have fun and enjoy coming to church. We also have other activities outside of the normal groups such as barbeques, picnics, swimming and trips out.

Youth Work
St. James presently has regular attendance from 18 teens that turn out for the different groups on offer.We currently offer a youth oriented service Sunday evening where young people are involved with the worship group, projection and sound desk. There are usually 12 young people in attendance for this. We have food provided by volunteers after the service and a time for the young people to socialise. In September 2014 an evening bible study has started meeting in the homes of the volunteer youth workers. This was started on request from the young people whoattended Soul Survivor. The youth worship group meet on Monday evening to practice and also follow ing Soul Survivor there has been a request to try and set up prayer triplets.

We recognise the busyness of the lives of teenagers and we aim to support them in every aspect of their spiritual, home, social and educational life.