Welcome to our Evening Service


June 28th 2020

Salutations at Sibling of Sunday at Six ... Before we start Let’s have a song to get us in the right place to meet with Jesus and to acquaint ourselves with some of the main themes we might touch on with the story of Ruth

Some of us are struggling with decisions about life changes at the minute ... especially as we come to the end of a lockdown... with all the anxiety that brings ... let’s take some time to allow the presence of God control ... let’s ask Him to attend to those difficult emotions we are feeling and the choices we have to make, knowing we can trust Him to guide ....

Please watch the below welcome video
Here are a couple of worship songs
Iain will now speak to us
Thanks Iain ... let’s take a moment in silence not only to hear the words Iain 
said but allow us to receive from God as we listen to our final songs