Welcome to our Morning Service

As we get ready to join in worship, please, if you would like- take advantage of this blessing put together by churches around the country.


May 10th 2020


As always lets begin with a short welcome video…
Lets spend some time in worship with this song
Let’s pray...

Dear Lord, thank you that we can meet together in worship. Thank you that you are with us all of the time whereever we are. Help us to listen to your still small voice prompting us to do your will in our homes and communities to make a difference to those around us. 

We pray for the leaders in our own country and around the world. Please give them wisdom to make wise decisions be with the scientific advisors and other experts. Help them with the responsibility of their positions. Be with all the NHS and key workers working hard to look after others. We ask that you would keep them safe and help them in their times of need. 

We pray for the community of Bream and specifically the School. We pray for the teachers as they try to stay in contact with the children and families in these difficult times. We pray for the vulnerable families and that they get the support and practical help they need at this time. We pray for Louise and all those involved in supporting those connected to Linking Lives. Please grant the helpers wisdom as they try to stay in touch with those they are supporting. We pray for Sharon and the Ugly Duckling Company, that they will be able to continue to develop and share their valuable resources with those who will benefit from these and we pray that the finances will be looked after by you.

We pray for war-torn places of the world. We can’t imagine what life must be like there and we ask that you would be with those people. Please Lord encourage decision-makers to see the futile nature of these wars and bring peace. We pray for those who are sad or lonely today and ask for them to feel your peace. We give thanks to those that have given their lives in this country and around the world to ensure that we can live in peace and freedom where we are - we give thanks for the sacrifices that they have made for us. 

We pray for those who are suffering, ill and lonely and who are on our own hearts and minds. We pray for those who have been effected by the virus and those who have needed treatment for other ailments in these worrying times - protect and keep all those on our hearts at the moment- lets lift them up quietly or out loud now.

Lord we can’t help what happens to us but we can choose how we react. We ask for your guidance this coming week as we meet different challenges. Help us to be the light in this world. We have so much to be thankful for so let’s take a moment to say our own thank-yous. Let’s finish by declaring to the lord all that we are thankful for. Either in your own home or feel free to share on text. 

Chris is going to speak to us now.

Lets worship with these two songs

A powerful poem to reflect on if you would like to sometime following the service this morning. Have a great day all. Feel free to join us again this evening at 6 ish 😁